Lectora Builds Year on Year

Lectora Authoring Tool

Just a year after the release of Lectora® Inspire eLearning authoring software in 2010, the tool proved so successful that it won five prestigious industry awards in 2011. This is something that continues to be built upon, with another award this year from trainingindustry.com, for being one of the top companies producing such software.

Eligible companies are chosen according to strict criteria, such as:

  • Innovation
  • Features of the authoring tool
  • Company size and scope for growth
  • Focus on authoring platforms
  • Number of users
  • Geographic reach

However, trainingindustry.com are not the only industry experts to rate Lectora, as earlier this year the eLearning Guild research report ranked the software as number one in the “Top Rated Media Tools By Importance in Toolkit category”.




“To rank as the most important tool for media in e-Learning development is a testament to the breadth, depth and power of Lectora e-Learning Software,” said Peter Bray, Chief Marketing Officer at Lectora Corporation. “While e-Learning developers may use several tools for media development, Lectora tops the list as the number one tool that they can’t go without.”

Beating some of the technology industry’s leading names such as Adobe and Microsoft should certainly be seen as a coup for the eLearning software developer, and one that the company are rightly proud of.

Previous awards

Lectora has now won huge industry recognition for the authoring suite, which offers a lot of power and flexibility for businesses interested in implementing an eLearning initiative. Developers using the software are able to create learning materials with the suite to ensure that they can create engaging and interactive content, without too much fuss. This is not least because the suite offers all of the tools necessary in one powerful package. February’s award from the eLearning Guild represents two years’ worth of research by the Guild, which asked for reviews from 2058 respondents.

It also joins the host of other awards that the software has been given from industry experts, including:

  • Bersin & Associates
  • Brandon Hall
  • Training Media Review
  • ELearning! Magazine
  • LearnX Asia Pacific

All of this combined surely adds up to enough information for enterprises to be sure that they are choosing a leading industry tool when it comes to Lectora.

What is Lectora e-learning authoring software?

Lectora is produced by Trivantis Corporation and is used by most Global 2000 companies. The authoring tool is sold in more than 70 countries worldwide and in six languages. Lectora Inspire allows professionals to develop computer-based training and courses. The combination of tools it offers, including FlypaperTM and Camtasia, means that it’s a simple matter to create excellent e-learning content quickly.

“We remain dedicated to creating easy-to-use, yet powerful e-Learning software,” said Bray. “This recognition from industry leaders supports our mission to provide the best possible products and solutions for our users and inspires us to continuously work to develop innovative technologies for the future”. eLearning initiatives are an excellent way for companies to put in place flexible training solutions for staff, which they can complete at their own pace. The ease of authoring that Lectora provides only helps to make this even more valuable, as new courses can be set up quickly and easily.

eLearning not only reduces a company’s carbon footprint, as trainees can often take courses from any workstation, at any time, but it’s also been proven that it increases retention when compared with traditional training scenarios. For businesses, ROI is provable and staff can even be taught at remote locations, meaning that travel and expenses are reduced. What’s more, Lectora solutions are fully scalable, so they can grow and contract as a business does. The awards that Lectora has won in the past few years substantiates this and has no doubt added to the popularity of the product among enterprises. This is something that should be showing no sign of slowing down in the future, so watch this space for yet more awards!

Combine Lectora with the reporting tools and business features of the Traineasy LMS and you will create a more agile, flexible and scalable learning solution, something that’s essential in today’s fast-paced IT environment.


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