Choosing the Right E-Learning Provider

Choosing the right e-learning supplier

As part of their modern business ethic, many businesses now adopt compliance training for their employees. By doing so, they are both exercising their duty of care to their employees, and following best practice in the workplace. Take for example health and safety.

Health and Safety Training Benefits Employers and Employees

Every employee should be aware of basic health and safety in the workplace. Even in the office environment, things like display screens, working positions and trailing leads, can represent hazards. Being aware that these hazards exist, and knowing how to combat them is important, not only from the employees point of view, but from the employers’ too. After all, if employees are off work due to injury, it’s just lost time as far as the company that employs them is concerned.

Training enables Productivity

Cynics may say that employers are only looking after their own interests in what is today the “claims culture” we live in. Whilst that is of course true to a certain extent, it’s only a small part of the story. Basic training in things like finance and workplace skills, are specifically aimed at improving employee’s knowledge and ability. It means not only are they are more employable, but they are also better informed and can carry out their duties more effectively.

Compliance Training Levels the Playing Field

One of the big problems with training however is that quality standards vary so much from organisation to organisation. Compliance training is a way establishing a level playing field; of making sure that employees have the right base of training, from which further training can then be planned and scheduled – it’s becoming more and more valued.

Training Difficulties and How e-Learning Can Help

Some of the most common difficulties employers find with organising training include:

  • The amount of working hours lost to attend classes
  • The availability of appropriate courses
  • The geographical location of suitable training establishments
  • The costs involved (tuition, learning materials, and travel costs)

There is however one solution that deals with all of these problems, and it is e-Learning. If the e-learning solution that an employer uses also offers compliance training, it presents the opportunity to kill two birds with one stone.

Facilitating Time Management

One of the big advantages with e-learning is that it allows students to fit the learning experience into their working and/or social calendars. Training can take place at a time convenient to the student, either in the workplace, or in the student’s home environment. So, instead of having to have time off from work, students can be asked to study in their own time. Online training and e-learning, whether hosted or un-hosted is usually available 24/7/365, making it incredibly convenient for the student.

Standard e-Learning Courses are 10 a Penny

Ordinary e-learning courses are 10 a penny. It’s become a very competitive field because of the advantages it offers to both employers and employees. As well as being generally cheaper than conventional learning, it’s also great for the environment because it allows students and companies to reduce their carbon footprints.

Bespoke e-Learning

But the courses that are really worth their weight in gold are not the standard BTECs, City and Guilds, ONCs and HNDs; they are bespoke courses that are tailored to meet the needs of the individual student/employer in terms of the level of competence as required in the student’s job. For example why go for an HND in finance, if all the student really needs is to learn about money laundering. Sledgehammer? – Nut? A simple nutcracker is a much better solution!

The Best e-Learning and Compliance Training Service Providers

Managing the employees’ level of training and the scheduling of the training program is an important tool to any HR department. It’s what compliance training is all about. A good e-learning and compliance training service provider will be able to offer:

  • The organising of training schedules
  • Managing the pace of e-learning
  • Tools to expedite the e-learning process
  • Progress reporting
  • Certificating at appropriate levels

Realise your ROI with Compliance Training

Finding the best service providers for e-learning and compliance training is an important step for any company to make. It not only helps companies to manage their employees’ development, but it also helps them to maximise their ability to realise the ROI of the training process.



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