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eLearning for Health and Safety

Ensuring a clean and hazard-free environment in which the members of your organisation can go about their daily affairs doesn’t just make good operational and business sense; it’s the law.   In most structured societies, there are official guidelines governing the conditions which need to be met in public and corporate premises to guarantee health […]

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Is Elearning Subject To Unconscious Bias?

Unconscious bias is a concept relating to the way that we understand context. Often it can be influenced by our subjective understanding of the world, but it can affect us negatively. It can mean that we don’t understand or relate to something impartially. Put simply, unconscious bias refers to the biases that we all harbour […]

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Tapping Newsfeeds to Keep Courses Up to Date

Making eLearning courses engaging is one challenge. Keeping them fresh and interesting, presents another. What if there was a way to assure dynamic content for a course – content that could continually update itself? That’s where RSS newsfeeds come in. What is RSS? RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication. It’s a range of file formats […]

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The Value of Trained Employees

Businesses are well aware of the need for well-trained employees and there’s a very real, intrinsic value for employers when training its staff. However, it’s not something that every business opts for. So why aren’t some businesses training its employees? Each company that chooses not to train its employees will have its own reason for […]

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Why Choose Bespoke E-learning?

E-learning as a practice can greatly galvanise a business. Its employees can be trained and given better (and newer) learning methods and tools to help them remain relevant in the changing economic landscape. There are a number of options when it comes to adopting e-learning practices, but often times those approaches are generalised and perhaps […]

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E-learning Statistics for 2014

e-Learning is a huge growth area and much has been written recently about its potential applications. From the more hands on BYOD practice, to the simple fact that e-Learning allows businesses to reach multiple employees all at once, the model becomes increasingly important. There are a number of great reasons to consider e-learning practice in […]

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5 Trends in e-Learning You Should Know

E-learning has a whole range of advantages over conventional learning: It’s fast, easy to implement, easily repeated, quick to update and centralised. But it’s also a rapidly changing field, so it’s important to stay on top of the trends to ensure that your business competes at the front of the pack. Multiple Learning Methods Most […]

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Use Mind Maps for e-Learning

Any company looking to improve its e-learning system, or implement a fresh one, could benefit from mind mapping. The technique is nothing new, mind mapping has been used in educational institutions for many years. They’re also an extension of the old brainstorming theory of creating a map from a single word or piece of text […]

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Blended E-Learning – Another Approach

  As we’ve discussed previously, using an LMS for your employee training has numerous benefits that include cost-savings, better time management and an effective way to train employees in the essential skills and knowledge that they need to work within the organisation. However, not all e-learning should be carried out alone by the learner as […]

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