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Some Webinar Best Practices

They’re a great convenience for busy learners or sales prospects who can’t attend flesh and blood conferences or devote time to training during office hours. But designing and delivering a compelling webinar that hits all the main points and doesn’t put viewers to sleep takes planning, a careful use of technology, and some of the […]

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eLearning For Compliance – And Beyond

With so many sets of regulations at work governing Health & Safety, wellness and environmental conditions, equality and diversity, data handling, and other conditions, it can be an uphill struggle for businesses to keep their operations and personnel in compliance with all the demands of industry and the law.   Education plays a big part […]

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Is 3D Learning Solid?

While text and graphics form the main part of most sets of training materials, there are applications and circumstances for which simple (or complex) words aren’t enough – and even pictures can’t fully communicate, or achieve the desired effect. In situations like these, 3D learning presents a viable alternative.   What is 3D Learning?   […]

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The Reality Of Virtual Instructor-Led Training (VILT)

Though self-directed and self-paced learning have their role to play in skills acquisition and professional development, many organizations still face the challenge of imparting the same set of knowledge and skills to large groups of their members at a time. This might be due to industry-wide changes requiring their entire workforce to keep up, or […]

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Learning Games for Adults

Game play and game dynamics have great potential to enliven and enrich the learning experience. But too often, they’re included as an afterthought: Tacked on as fancy graphics, cheesy animations, or the inevitable Merit Badge / Points system.   The intentions may be noble, but the actual execution turns learners off – whether they be […]

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The Importance of Social Intelligence in eLearning

Although linked with genetics and instrumental in academic success, intellectual capacity such as that measured as a person’s Intelligence Quotient or IQ is only part of the story, for that individual’s overall success in life.   Beyond the textbooks and analytical problems, a well-rounded person must also spend years learning how to interact with others, […]

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The Importance of Emotional Intelligence in eLearning

There’s been much debate over the years concerning the value placed on intelligence testing and the Intelligence Quotient (IQ) as a measure of aptitude in formal education, and in the workplace. With its basis on intellect, IQ testing gives a measure of an individual’s cognitive abilities, or their capacity to perceive, learn, and understand. And […]

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Making It Personal: Some Tips On Personalisation For eLearning

Whether your objective is to provide degree-standard education to an entire generation of undergraduates, or skills training for a small group in an office or workshop setting, the simple fact remains that, internally, no two individuals will take exactly the same path to that goal.   Everyone is different. But it’s possible to use this […]

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Interactive Video Strategies for eLearning

One way to promote engagement within a course is to present your learners with a scenario which requires them to respond to the story, and actively seek out the information they desire.   Video is a powerful medium for accomplishing this, but the narrative of the clip can’t be linear to provoke a response from […]

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Regarding the Experts

All the colourful graphics, interactive pop quizzes and gamification elements in the world won’t compensate for an eLearning course that’s lacking in the core knowledge and basic principles of the subject that it’s trying to impart. That’s why a key member of any eLearning design and implementation team must be someone well-versed in the material […]

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