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Designing Assessments that Support Your Learning Objectives

So, you’ve put together an engaging blend of real-life scenarios, challenging exercises, and game-style scoring elements. You’ve had your trainees go through all of this. Now, you can just sit back, and enjoy the warm glow of having improved their lives, given them new skills, and improved your organisation as a result. Right? Well… The […]

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What a Learning Management System (LMS) can mean for your business

  Depending on the industry you are in, the people within your company will need more or less training and development. Within the financial and pharmaceutical sectors for example, people in key roles will need to stay ahead of compliance requirements to ensure they are sticking to ever changing best practice. Even roles that would […]

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Harnessing Micro E-learning

  Setting up an e-learning infrastructure can have a massive impact on your employees and your business, but it also takes time. Businesses that are keen to get started with e-learning as quickly as possible would do well to consider developing some micro-learning tools. Micro-learning tools fill the gap until your larger infrastructure is in […]

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Define your e-Learning Objectives

An organisation can find it hard to devise and develop a course that has learning objectives consistent with that organisation’s business aims. In many cases a course is built around objectives that aren’t clear and this negatively impacts those using the online tools. This leads to a situation where the objectives weren’t clear at the […]

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Getting the most out of your learning management system

Getting the most out of your LMS The most commonly used features of a LMS are conventionally: administration, documentation and data collection and these are all useful features. However, most LMS features have other features outside of these three, and it pays to explore them and the ways in which they could enhance your working […]

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Use Mind Maps for e-Learning

Any company looking to improve its e-learning system, or implement a fresh one, could benefit from mind mapping. The technique is nothing new, mind mapping has been used in educational institutions for many years. They’re also an extension of the old brainstorming theory of creating a map from a single word or piece of text […]

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5 tips for Effective E-Learning

Electronic learning or e-learning is a blanket term for education through the use of electronic media or digital technology. Text, audio, images, animation, and streaming video are typically delivered via satellite TV, CD-ROM, and computer as well as through local intranet / extranet and the Web. That’s the electronics of it. At the enterprise level, […]

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E-learning and the best strategy for business

There are any number of bespoke e-learning courses and LMSs available through a bewildering array of e-learning service providers. The difficulty for businesses can be in knowing which way to tread. It very tempting to “cherry pick” what suits the business best at any one given point in time. This however is not the most […]

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Top 3 e-learning Complaints

E-learning is now the most popular form of distance learning. It’s easily bypassed and outdistanced the old correspondence course approach to distance learning, which used the post (and perhaps carrier pigeon?) to ferry papers and coursework backwards and forwards, between student and teacher. The Improved Virtual Classroom E-learning has brought so much more into its […]

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The Value of e-Inductions to Your Company

  Starting a new job isn’t just tricky for the new employee, it can also be a headache for the employer. You’ve got to get that new employee up to speed, explaining not only what their role entails, but also a raft of company policies and procedures that they’ll need to adhere to. Introducing e-Inductions! […]

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