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What a Learning Management System (LMS) can mean for your business

  Depending on the industry you are in, the people within your company will need more or less training and development. Within the financial and pharmaceutical sectors for example, people in key roles will need to stay ahead of compliance requirements to ensure they are sticking to ever changing best practice. Even roles that would […]

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The Golden Rules of E-Learning

E-Learning is a practice gaining momentum and businesses are happily implementing it to better reach its employees. The educational benefit in terms of teaching staff members is huge and with the advent of BYOD policies, businesses are embracing a better-connected and better-trained workforce with open arms. However, it’s important to make sure that the e-learning […]

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Harnessing Micro E-learning

  Setting up an e-learning infrastructure can have a massive impact on your employees and your business, but it also takes time. Businesses that are keen to get started with e-learning as quickly as possible would do well to consider developing some micro-learning tools. Micro-learning tools fill the gap until your larger infrastructure is in […]

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Define your e-Learning Objectives

An organisation can find it hard to devise and develop a course that has learning objectives consistent with that organisation’s business aims. In many cases a course is built around objectives that aren’t clear and this negatively impacts those using the online tools. This leads to a situation where the objectives weren’t clear at the […]

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The Burgeoning and Lucrative e-Learning Market

  As more and more businesses adopt e-learning practices and the general interest in e-Learning rises, the value of global online learning solutions will hit $107bn (£67.47 billion) by 2015. This is according to a recent study conducted by Global Industry Analysis. The study found that e-learning is increasingly commonplace, due to technological innovations, including […]

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2014 – The Year of E-learning

5 e-learning predictions for the coming year. E-learning is changing the way that businesses consider training staff. It’s making it easier for staff to use that training in their own time by utilising the internet. The e-learning resource has gone from being something looked down on to something that big companies and small ones alike […]

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Use E-learning to Combat Skills Shortages

Many professions are experiencing difficulties in finding employees with the required skills. As such it’s becoming more expensive to employ an individual already skilled in a given area. As demand increases, so does the amount of skilled workers decrease. Instead of fighting the trend and running into difficulties, it may be worth considering training your […]

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