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Use Mind Maps for e-Learning

Any company looking to improve its e-learning system, or implement a fresh one, could benefit from mind mapping. The technique is nothing new, mind mapping has been used in educational institutions for many years. They’re also an extension of the old brainstorming theory of creating a map from a single word or piece of text […]

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5 tips for Effective E-Learning

Electronic learning or e-learning is a blanket term for education through the use of electronic media or digital technology. Text, audio, images, animation, and streaming video are typically delivered via satellite TV, CD-ROM, and computer as well as through local intranet / extranet and the Web. That’s the electronics of it. At the enterprise level, […]

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Tests and Quizzes in E-Learning

Every LMS platform should have an area for tests and quizzes as it’s often an essential part of the learning experience for many students taking a training course on the company intranet. Quizzes and tests, when used with a LMS, should help the student to achieve good scores, even if they have failed a unit […]

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E-learning and the best strategy for business

There are any number of bespoke e-learning courses and LMSs available through a bewildering array of e-learning service providers. The difficulty for businesses can be in knowing which way to tread. It very tempting to “cherry pick” what suits the business best at any one given point in time. This however is not the most […]

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Top 3 e-learning Complaints

E-learning is now the most popular form of distance learning. It’s easily bypassed and outdistanced the old correspondence course approach to distance learning, which used the post (and perhaps carrier pigeon?) to ferry papers and coursework backwards and forwards, between student and teacher. The Improved Virtual Classroom E-learning has brought so much more into its […]

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What is Unconscious Bias?

The word “bias” comes from the French “biais” meaning to slant, or to be oblique, and in the English Oxford Dictionary “bias” is described as being: A preference or inclination – particularly one that inhibits impartial judgement An unfair act or policy springing from prejudice. In today’s modern world the majority of people like to […]

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e-Learning – an Internet Success Story

In recent years, the internet has opened up a world of opportunity for learning in various ways. One of the most beneficial to companies and staff alike is the emergence of e-learning platforms for training. Businesses can implement these so that staff can constantly be improving their qualifications and work-related knowledge at their own pace. This […]

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