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Gamification Strategies for Business Training

Corporate or industrial training doesn’t have to be a dry, lecture or laboratory based exercise that sends trainees to sleep, doesn’t impart the skills or knowledge it’s intended to, and effectively wastes every resource poured into it. This is where gamification business training comes in. In fact, numerous studies indicate that learning is enhanced when […]

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Workplace Learning Gets Social

Traditional lecture room and laboratory training methods just don’t cut it anymore, and organisations are realising the benefits of enabling their workers to learn by other means. Online interaction, discussion and collaboration are fostering the growth of “social” learning avenues in the workplace. Social Engagement In September 2015, author and workplace learning expert Jane Hart […]

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Get xAPI, Or Not?

There’s been a lot of talk and some confusion about the Experience API, xAPI, and the Tin Can API – and how any or all of them are going to radically alter the eLearning process. Let’s take a closer look, and try to clarify things a little. What’s API Stand For? API is a term […]

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Using Double Agents as Electronic Tutors

Even the best-designed eLearning courses may benefit from individual coaching. But teaching staff costs money. Video conferencing and pre-recorded lectures are one possibility. Animated 3-dimensional characters and adaptive programming can provide a cheaper solution. The Double Agent Network Microsoft Agent is a set of software services which present user-controlled applications as interactive personalities – animated […]

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