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Some Webinar Best Practices

They’re a great convenience for busy learners or sales prospects who can’t attend flesh and blood conferences or devote time to training during office hours. But designing and delivering a compelling webinar that hits all the main points and doesn’t put viewers to sleep takes planning, a careful use of technology, and some of the […]

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The Importance of Social Intelligence in eLearning

Although linked with genetics and instrumental in academic success, intellectual capacity such as that measured as a person’s Intelligence Quotient or IQ is only part of the story, for that individual’s overall success in life.   Beyond the textbooks and analytical problems, a well-rounded person must also spend years learning how to interact with others, […]

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Interactive Video Strategies for eLearning

One way to promote engagement within a course is to present your learners with a scenario which requires them to respond to the story, and actively seek out the information they desire.   Video is a powerful medium for accomplishing this, but the narrative of the clip can’t be linear to provoke a response from […]

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Regarding the Experts

All the colourful graphics, interactive pop quizzes and gamification elements in the world won’t compensate for an eLearning course that’s lacking in the core knowledge and basic principles of the subject that it’s trying to impart. That’s why a key member of any eLearning design and implementation team must be someone well-versed in the material […]

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Some Tips for Using Interactive Notifications

If you’re reading this, then you’re probably familiar with the various pop-up messages, email and text message alerts that appear on your desktop, laptop, tablet, or mobile phone, to inform you of changes occurring to the system, or incoming communications. Besides the bright colours, speech balloons, annoying sounds – and the fact that they can […]

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