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eLearning for Health and Safety

Ensuring a clean and hazard-free environment in which the members of your organisation can go about their daily affairs doesn’t just make good operational and business sense; it’s the law.   In most structured societies, there are official guidelines governing the conditions which need to be met in public and corporate premises to guarantee health […]

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Using Chatbots for eLearning

Interaction, engagement, and personalisation are often cited as elements of the ideal electronic learning experience. And there are various methods by which these ideals are incorporated into eLearning courses, such as gamification, collaboration, and multimedia environments. There’s an evolving technology which has the potential to add to this mix – one which combines information dissemination […]

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An Introduction to Heutagogy

As technologies and our methods of communicating evolve, societies change, and so too do our perspectives on education. In this article an introduction to heutagogy, we’ll be looking at an educational philosophy that in theory integrates very comfortably with the technologies and techniques of eLearning, but poses some challenges in practice: heutagogy. What is Heutagogy? […]

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eLearning with Wearable Technology

Smart devices like the Apple Watch or Fitbit have proved very popular in the sporting arena, and have seen some applications in the workplace for Health and Safety compliance and so-called “wellness”policies. But wearable technology has potential beyond its use for health and fitness. In this article, we’ll be looking at various ways in which […]

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Gamification Strategies for Business Training

Corporate or industrial training doesn’t have to be a dry, lecture or laboratory based exercise that sends trainees to sleep, doesn’t impart the skills or knowledge it’s intended to, and effectively wastes every resource poured into it. This is where gamification business training comes in. In fact, numerous studies indicate that learning is enhanced when […]

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5 Reasons To Use eLearning

In the coming weeks, we’ll be looking into some new techniques and emerging trends that are generating excitement in the field of online learning. But before then, we’ll step back a little to review some of the reasons why this form of education is such a worthwhile endeavour. Let’s begin with a question. What is […]

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Teaching the Instructors: What eLearning Course Designers and Instructors need to Learn

Having elected to use eLearning as the method for delivering education, it’s easy to get lost in the technology of the Do-It-Yourself ethic of self-guided learning. But trainees can’t do everything themselves – and even the best designed learning platform is no match for the personal touch of a dedicated mentor or instructor, to smooth […]

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Developing Virtual Environments for eLearning

Part of the essential appeal of eLearning is that it so often takes place in locations that don’t physically exist: software learning platforms, virtual studios, or “classrooms” hosted on a hand-held device. The creation of these virtual environments for eLearning poses a challenge for course designers, instructors, and facilitators. In this article, we’ll look at […]

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Predictive Analytics for eLearning

eLearning and its associated online resources, particularly analytics for eLearning, have become a source of educational big data, as reams of information are gathered charting the progress of learners on courses and training schemes. The study and interpretation of all this output and feedback has emerged as the field of learning analytics. Predictive analysis of […]

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Workplace Learning Gets Social

Traditional lecture room and laboratory training methods just don’t cut it anymore, and organisations are realising the benefits of enabling their workers to learn by other means. Online interaction, discussion and collaboration are fostering the growth of “social” learning avenues in the workplace. Social Engagement In September 2015, author and workplace learning expert Jane Hart […]

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