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Using Video In Collaborative Learning

We often hear the virtues of independent, self-motivated learning. But humans are by nature a communal species – and much of what we assimilate takes place in a social context.   Even so-called “independent learning” activities have a social element, as research, exploration, and the testing out of new techniques all build on the work […]

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Creating A Learning Culture At Work

Now more than ever, the well-being of an enterprise depends on a constant influx of new knowledge. Product ideas, sales techniques, communications technology, adapting and developing new processes, and keeping pace with industry standards or the requirements of regulatory compliance: all of these rely on the assimilation of new concepts and information.   Formal training […]

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Blended E-Learning – Another Approach

  As we’ve discussed previously, using an LMS for your employee training has numerous benefits that include cost-savings, better time management and an effective way to train employees in the essential skills and knowledge that they need to work within the organisation. However, not all e-learning should be carried out alone by the learner as […]

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