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Creating A Learning Culture At Work

Now more than ever, the well-being of an enterprise depends on a constant influx of new knowledge. Product ideas, sales techniques, communications technology, adapting and developing new processes, and keeping pace with industry standards or the requirements of regulatory compliance: all of these rely on the assimilation of new concepts and information.   Formal training […]

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How Your Business Will Benefit from Equality and Diversity Training

In business, as in life, there is no “one size fits all”. Your employees are all uniquely different, and their contributions to your enterprise reflect this. So should your attitude to them as an employer, with opportunities for advancement, progress and reward available to all. And in your corporate culture, workers should be encouraged and […]

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Workplace Learning Gets Social

Traditional lecture room and laboratory training methods just don’t cut it anymore, and organisations are realising the benefits of enabling their workers to learn by other means. Online interaction, discussion and collaboration are fostering the growth of “social” learning avenues in the workplace. Social Engagement In September 2015, author and workplace learning expert Jane Hart […]

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